12 anthems for mixed voices

Paul Bouman
Catalogue #
t1p 003
Page count
64 pages
190.5mm x 270mm
Publication date
May 21, 2014

This anthology of 12 mixed-voice anthems contains some of the most creative works from this well-established and beloved American composer. Containing both accompanied and unaccompanied pieces, this collection includes four hymn anthems, four psalm anthems, and four short motets. Also included is a new arrangement of the popular Thanks be to God, in a new scoring for mixed voices with optional children’s choir. 12 anthems for mixed voices contains an attractive selection of pieces suitable for a variety of liturgical seasons and is appropriate for a wide range of choirs-a great value for any choral library.


God be in my head
The Lord is my light☨
Kyrie, God Father
My shepherd is the living Lord
If then you have been raised with Christ
May God be merciful to us and bless us
Lord, as thou wilt, deal thou with me☨
If you but trust in God to guide you
Now rest beneath night’s shadow☨
The royal banners forward go☨
Thanks be to God☨
Psalm 84: How I love your temple, Lord almighty!☨

☨ denotes accompanied works

(n.b.) Thanks be to God is a new arrangement for SATB voices of the former work originally written for young voices.


A reproducible page for the oboe part in The royal banners forward go is included in the book.

Easy to moderately difficult

“Very rarely does one encounter a music collection that is both uniformly excellent and practical from cover to cover.  Paul Bouman’s 12 Anthems for Mixed Voices is one such example.

Like Heinrich Schütz, who continued composing rich choral masterpieces large and small into his late eighties, Dr. Bouman’s compositional output into his mid nineties serves as an example of both musical care and precision and also a model of Christian service in one’s unique vocations, regardless of age.

Those of us familiar with Bouman’s clean, careful, and creative writing style will continue to be delighted with these twelve compositions.  The art and craft of choral harmonization and arranging is deftly displayed, in homophonic and polyphonic sections alike.  A particularly enjoyable example is “If you but trust in God to guide you,” which really functions as a short, four-stanza chorale cantata, each stanza being treated in a different manner, including a pastoral homage to J.S. Bach.

A familiar highlight in the collection is the composer’s reworking of his classic children’s choir setting of “Thanks Be to God.”  Here it is rescored for children’s choir and/or soprano solo, SATB choir and organ.  An optional orchestration for strings is also available from the publisher.

In addition to the finely-crafted arrangements, what makes this collection such a jewel is that its content is almost exclusively Scripture texts (“The Lord is my light,” “May God be merciful to us and bless us,” “How I love your temple, Lord almighty,” “If then you have been raised with Christ,” “Thanks be to God”) and hymn arrangements, including many rich chorales (“Lord, as thou wilt, deal thou with me,” “If thou but trust in God to guide you,” “Now rest beneath night’s shadow,” “The royal banners forward go,” “Kyrie, God Father”).  The only exceptions are a paraphrase of Psalm 23 and “God be in my head,” a prayer with a long history in the Christian Church.

These rich Scripture verses and hymn texts and tunes are a testimony to what has shaped the composer as a church musician and teacher, as well as a vision for what a rich, vibrant, and ever-expanding living tradition of church music can and should be in the local parish.  Would that more and more choirs and congregations would be formed and blessed by texts, tunes, and settings such as these.  For this collection we can truly pray, “Thanks be to God.”

Kevin Hildebrand
Kantor, Concordia Theological Seminary & St. Paul’s Lutheran Church
Fort Wayne, Indiana