God be in my head

Paul Bouman
Catalogue #
t1p 001
unaccompanied SATB
Page count
4 pages
190.5mm x 270mm
Publication date
January 24, 2014

Bouman has created a highly expressive setting of a familiar text from the Sarum Primer. This carefully crafted work, which is at the same time simple melodically and evocative harmonically, is perfect for choral ensembles in both liturgical and concert contexts.

easy to moderate

God be in my head by Paul Bouman is a delicate and tender work in which the composer exacts beauty from the simplest of means. The text is clearly of the utmost importance to Bouman as he lays down his rhythmic and harmonic framework, and though the tonal thrust of the work remains conventional in a move from the minor to its relative major, Bouman counters this by finding expressive potential in the most unlikely of chord progressions along the way. It remains rare to find fresh appeal in simplicity, but this work manages to prove that just such an achievement is still possible.

Submitted by
Russell Hepplewhite, composer
April 2014